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Nectar Cloud is a powerful platform for storing and analysing research data. It allows researchers to share their research outputs, collaborate on research projects, and use infrastructure and compute power to develop research applications, scripts and concepts remotely.


Specialist Support

The Nectar Cloud offers sector leading 09:00 to 18:00 AEDT phone, chat and email support and extensive self service documentation. When you need specialised local support for a specific application or integration the Nectar Cloud federation of eight providers ensures that help is …


Instant Access

The Nectar Cloud is available and ready to so you can start right now. There is no need to wait, get access to instant cloud computing in minutes and unburden your laptop. Easily upgrade to more compute power when you need it. …


Unparalleled Speed and Connectivity

The Nectar Cloud is built using the latest open-source cloud software and connected by a high-speed AARNET backbone network. With the Nectar Cloud you can transfer and process your data with ease, speed and reliability. You can also utilise Nectar …


Nectar Labs

Discipline specific and purpose built, Nectar Labs are the answer for researchers who want to use the cloud through a web dashboard or desktop interface – no command line required! Nectar Labs are online, discipline-specific research environments that integrate data …

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