Instant Access

Instant Access
October 13, 2015 Fuller

The Nectar Cloud is available and ready to so you can start right now. There is no need to wait, get access to instant cloud computing in minutes and unburden your laptop. Easily upgrade to more compute power when you need it.

The Nectar Cloud is built to allow you to easily scale and expand your applications and services. With approximately 30,000 cores of compute capacity, advanced networking, and world class support systems, the NeCTAR research cloud allows you to meet your analysis and processing needs.

Instant infrastructure makes the development, testing and proofing of new research and software easy, without the financial and storage burden of having to purchase and run hardware to develop and test a proof of concept. Nectar Cloud uses Software as a service Application Programming Interface (API) to speed up production time, so users can write applications, execute scripts, then build upon or discard them with ease.

The Nectar Cloud gives you complete control to install, manage and test your own favourite applications and software in the cloud. Whether it’s running R-Studio or executing a PERL script to look for outliers in a dataset, the Nectar Cloud gives you the freedom and space to do what you want.

Nectar Cloud is currently used to provide computing resources for simulations and data analysis in a variety of research disciplines, including: genomics, evolutionary biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, theoretical and experimental high-energy physics, applied mathematics and medical research.

To find out more about how you can use Nectar Cloud to support data analysis and concept development contact the support team.

For Researchers

  • Unburden your desktop computer
  • Run Matlab, R-Studio, iPython or your favourite application
  • Get attribution details for referencing in publications
  • Test your applications on the cloud and expand to a dedicated High Performance Computer when needed

For Tech Users

  • Test, deploy, rebuild your applications faster
  • Ensure reliability and redundancy with tools such as snapshotting and replication (Object Storage
  • Access OpenStack Cloud features including provisioning tools (HEAT), storage solutions and application monitoring
  • Move applications to data or data to applications using the multiple distributed data centres
  • Utilise OpenStack to automate deployment including auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Obtain Virtual Machines sizes from 1 Core to 16 Cores with 64GB of Ram

Access the Nectar Cloud today