Specialist Support

Specialist Support
October 13, 2015 Morgan Reid

The Nectar Cloud offers sector leading 09:00 to 18:00 AEDT phone, chat and email support and extensive self service documentation. When you need specialised local support for a specific application or integration the Nectar Cloud federation of eight providers ensures that help is not far away.

Looking to integrate a spectrometer, automate an analysis workflow? The Nectar Cloud is operated through a federation of eight data centres and specialist eResearch providers. Expert advice and development is available locally to support your needs.

Other benefits of using Nectar Cloud include:

Cutting edge technology

The Nectar Cloud utilises the latest OpenStack cloud technology which powers a large majority of companies and web applications. Take advantage of 6 monthly Cloud feature releases that enable you to develop, scale and deploy applications.


With the Nectar Cloud you are in control. Start up, close down, add resource or remove, save a snapshot or transfer ownership. With the Nectar Cloud you can do it by yourself including determining where you want your compute to be operated* and ensure that your data remains in Australia.

Geographical proximity

Looking to access local datasets? In the Nectar Cloud you can do this quickly and easily with high speed networks and throughput to ensure that you can complete your analysis or modelling in quicker time. The Nectar Cloud is distributed throughout Australia and designed to provide local access, reliability and data sovereignty.

Training and community

Join the 7000 researchers that use the Nectar cloud daily to accelerate their research outputs. If you are new to the Nectar Cloud, training events are being run to get you up to speed in no time. If you want to do it yourself there is an expanding set of self-help guides and courses available to you when you need them.

* Subject to availability

For Researchers

  • 9am to 6pm AEDT phone, chat or email help
  • Access to local support providers for more in-depth help when you need it
  • Self service material and step by step guides for common research applications
  • Access to local data and storage for faster analysis
  • Local expertise for complex integration or workflows

For Tech Users

  • Immediate help for technical Nectar Cloud issues through phone, chat or email
  • Proactive monitoring and health checks
  • Specialised development and local cloud training available
  • Extensive support articles and knowledge base
  • Latest OpenStack releases with advanced networking
  • Find local expertise and assistance on complex integration or workflows

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