Unparalleled Speed and Connectivity

Unparalleled Speed and Connectivity
June 30, 2015 Fuller

The Nectar Cloud is built using the latest open-source cloud software and connected by a high-speed AARNET backbone network. With the Nectar Cloud you can transfer and process your data with ease, speed and reliability. You can also utilise Nectar Cloud software such as database services to make storing and analysing information even easier and faster.

With one of the largest user bases of any eResearch infrastructure in Australia, the Nectar Cloud is a fantastic gateway to the research community. By joining the fastest growing research network in Australia, with over 5000 research partners and 250 new researchers signing up each month, you have access to a portal for research collaboration and data sharing featuring a huge variety of data sets and tools from other researchers, research groups and institutions.

Using the Nectar Cloud you can host a website, store tools specific to the needs of your research team, or standardise data analysis applications for more accurate research results among collaborators. You can use the Nectar Cloud to host databases, websites and file sharing applications enabling you to work remotely, or with international collaborators.

Hosted in Australia, Nectar Cloud is a fast, secure and effective platform for collaboration. You have full control over your data security and intellectual property (IP), by managing access privileges for different users.

Nectar Cloud allows you to grant full access to colleagues while permitting select, specific access to others, thereby providing a platform that enables you to safely share your data, making it easier to build networks, and improve citation rates.

Set your own Security Groups for each Virtual Machine, placing specific restrictions on access to certain audiences and allowing data sharing while still protecting your research.

With many grant funding bodies now encouraging data sharing, the Nectar Cloud provides you with the ability to meet these requirements.

To find out more about Nectar Cloud’s sharing and security options contact our support team.

For Researchers

  • Collaborate with ease – share files, applications or results with your team
  • Transfer results quickly
  • Test your applications on the cloud and expand to a dedicated High Performance Computer when needed

For Tech Users

  • Access data centres connected through 10gb AARNET network
  • Access specialised software networking services (Neutron) available for custom firewalls, configuration, load balancing and redundancy
  • Utilise OpenStack to automate deployment including auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Obtain Virtual Machines sizes to from 1 Core to 16 Cores with 64GB of Ram

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