Nectar Labs

Nectar Labs
June 29, 2015 Fuller

Discipline specific and purpose built, Nectar Labs are the answer for researchers who want to use the cloud through a web dashboard or desktop interface – no command line required!

Nectar Labs are online, discipline-specific research environments that integrate data repositories, computational tools and workflows.

Created and operated via collaborations between research communities and research infrastructure providers they make it easy for you to harness the power of the cloud.

Nectar Labs have been created for several research areas including humanities, genomics, marine science, geoscience, climate and imaging. Here is a summary of some of the projects that have develop online tools that you can use:

  • The Genomics Virtual Lab has developed an online system for processing genomics workflows in the cloud.
  • The Geophysics Virtual Lab has developed a portal, a workflow system and computational tools to access geological survey data in standard formats from multiple data providers, and use the cloud or the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) supercomputer to run automated workflows constructed from standard analysis tools.
  • The Characterisation Virtual Lab has developed many tools, including a remote desktop for processing data from microscopes or the Australian Synchrotron on the MASSIVE supercomputer which has graphics processors (GPUs) for fast image processing.

Nectar eResearch Tools projects provide research software for the Australian research community and address specific research needs. Some of the projects include:

  • The Quadrant tool for managing research projects, particularly for participant-based research
  • The SHaRED project for submission, harmonisation and retrieval of ecological data

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  • Dedicated user support
  • Immediate help for technical Nectar Cloud issues through phone, chat or email
  • Local expertise for complex integration or workflows

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